Detection methods of disodium-5-ribonucleotide (IMP + GMP)

There are two main detection methods of disodium-5-ribonucleotide (IMP + GMP): Q B / T 2845-2007 food addition —Disodium-5-ribonucleotide (IMP + GMP) and SB / T 10371-2003 chicken essence.

The two standard measurement methods adopt spectrophotometry, but the specific measurement methods are very different

QB / T 2845 food additive – disodium-5-ribonucleotide (IMP + GMP), adopted

Dual wavelength method [1]: weigh 0.4000 (m) g of sample, dissolve and fix the volume with water

To 250 ml, suck 5.0 ml, and fix the volume with 0.01 mol / L hydrochloric acid to

250 ml, with 0.ol mol / L as blank, the absorbances A and B at 250 nm and 280 nm were measured with a 10 mm cuvette. Disodium-5-ribonucleotide (IMP + GMP) contains

The quantity is calculated according to formula (1).


ω Is the moisture percentage content of the taste nucleotide disodium.

Sb / T 10371 adopts single wavelength method.]: Weigh 2 ~ 4G sample

(m) was dissolved with a small amount of 0.01 mol / L hydrochloric acid and fixed to 100 ml,

Filter, suck 5.00 M L to 100 m l volumetric flask and use

0.01 mol / L hydrochloric acid to volume. Use 10 m m cuvette, 0.01 mol / L

Hydrochloric acid was used as a blank to measure its absorbance.

I+G 1


These two methods are currently used, and there is no strict boundary in the application field

Limit. Sb / T 10371 is the detection method of chicken essence, mainly aiming at

I + G content detection: the content is about 1 ~ 39,6, and the Q B / T 2845 is

The detection method of pure I + G additives, but in some other I + G containing

It is also used in products with low quantity, such as G B / T 8967

The content of I + G in refined oil is measured by quoting the content of I + G in Q B / T 2845

Detection method. In view of this situation, the author took chicken essence as a sample and compared the two

A comparative study of the two methods was carried out to investigate their similarities and differences, so as to make a further study on the

It provides a reference for the formulation of standards for the determination of I + G.

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