About Us


We are a comprehensive group of chemicals content food additive,feed additive,water treatment.Sodium fluorosilicate,Highsoundless Cracking Agent(expansive mortar).MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE

 a specialist manufacturer of Food Additive, Feed Additive more than 20 years. our product have exported to USA, Brazil, Chile,Newzealand, Australia, Croatia,Senegal,Vietnam etc,

food additive (Monosodium Glutamate, Chicken Bouillon)

We have two fermentation department, use high quality corn starch as raw materials,through fermenting, decolorizing,crystallzing,done as our fine monosodium glutamate,in the Chicken Seasoning department,we use nature chicken powder,mix with salt,palm oil,flavor

 enhancers,vegetable fat,msg,etc, done as our find chicken bouillon

Feed additive
our company use the achievements in scientific research from the university,combined with the advantages of local raw materials (sheep intestine),produced the goldbeater's skin protein powder(Dried porcine solubles /DPS).our DPS content more than 70 %small peptides,rich in trace element, muti-amino acids suitable for young livestock,high-grade aquatic amimals
Water treatment 
We produced cyanuric acid,sodium dichloroisocyanurate,trichloroiminocyanuric acid main used for in swimming pool ,1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid as corrosion inhibitor.

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