Inositol Recommended usage and precautions

Inositol Recommended usage and precautions:

1. The amount of inositol required by humans is 1-2g/d.

2. GB14880-94 regulations: infant food, fortified beverage 210-230mg/kg.

3. GB2760-2002: fruit juice (fruity) type beverage, 60-120mg/kg.

4. It is recommended to take inositol together with choline and other B vitamins. People who drink coffee often need to take inositol. People who take lecithin should take calcium that has been chelated to maintain a balance between phosphorus and calcium, because both inositol and choline seem to increase the amount of phosphorus in the blood. In order for vitamin E to achieve the highest results, adequate inositol and choline must be taken.

Post time: Jun-24-2019
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