Calcium carbonate scale inhibitor HEDP•Na4 granular

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Product name:Tetra sodium(1-HydroxyEthylidene) Diphosphonate

CAS code:3794-83-0(4-Na),29329-71-3 (x-Na)      

formula:C2H4O7P2 Na4

molecular weight:294


HEDP•Na4 structure

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Tetra sodium(1-HydroxyEthylidene)Diphosphonate (HEDP • Na4) is a white powder solid, easily soluble in water, non hygroscopic, convenient for transportation, and suitable for use under severe cold conditions. This product is an organic phosphonate scale and corrosion inhibitor. It can form a stable complex with iron, copper, zinc and other metal ions and dissolve the oxides on the metal surface. It still has good corrosion and scale inhibition at 250 ℃.

HEDP • Na4 is widely used in scale and corrosion inhibition of industrial circulating cooling water, low-pressure boiler, oilfield water injection and oil pipeline such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy and chemical fertilizer; In light textile industry, it can be used as metal and non-metal cleaning agent, peroxide stabilizer and color fixing agent in printing and dyeing industry, cyanide free electroplating complexing agent and daily chemical additive.

Tetra sodium(1-HydroxyEthylidene)Diphosphonate (HEDP • Na4) specification:


56% Min


79.9% Max

Fe mg/L

35 Max

Loss of dry

10% Max



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