Detergent Grade Pharmaceutical Intermediate CAS 9004-32-4 99% Purity Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC Powder

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Packaging: 25kg/bag

Productivity: 500 MT/Month

Brand: std

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 500 MT/Month

Certificate: ISO9001:2000

HS Code: 39123100

Port: Qingdao

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Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC Na) is an organic compound with the chemical formula [C6H7O2 (OH) 2OCH2COONa] n. It is a carboxymethyl derivative of cellulose and the most important ionic cellulose adhesive. Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is usually an anionic polymer compound produced by the reaction of natural cellulose with caustic soda and monochloroacetic acid, with molecular weights ranging from several thousand to one million. CMC-Na is a white fibrous or granular powder that is odorless, odorless, and hygroscopic. It is easily dispersed in water to form a transparent colloidal solution.


According to different uses, there are two main categories of products: alkaline and neutral. Alkaline, industrial low viscosity (2% aqueous solution) 0.2-0.5Pa · s; Neutral, industrial medium viscosity (2% aqueous solution) 0.3-0.6 Pa · s, industrial high viscosity (2% aqueous solution) 0.8-1.0 Pa · s.

Sodium Carboxymethyl CelluloseSodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose cmc

Main applications

Widely used in the petroleum industry as drilling mud treatment agents, synthetic detergents, organic cleaning aids, textile printing and dyeing sizing agents, water-soluble colloidal thickeners for daily chemical products, thickeners and emulsifiers for the pharmaceutical industry, thickeners for the food industry, adhesives for the ceramic industry, industrial pastes, and sizing agents for the paper industry.  Used as a flocculant in water treatment, mainly for wastewater and sludge treatment, it can increase the solid content of filter cake.

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is also a type of thickener. Due to its excellent functional properties, it has been widely used in the food industry and has to some extent promoted the rapid and healthy development of the food industry. Due to its thickening and emulsifying properties, it can be used to stabilize yogurt beverages and increase the viscosity of yogurt systems; Because of its hydrophilicity and rehydration, it can be used to improve the eating quality of bread, Mantou and other pasta products, extend the shelf life of pasta products, and improve the taste; Because it has a certain gel effect, which is conducive to better forming gel for food, it can be used to manufacture jelly and jam, etc; It can also be used as an edible coating material in combination with other thickeners, applied on some food surfaces to maximize food preservation, and as an edible material, it will not have adverse effects on human health. Therefore, as an ideal food additive, edible grade CMC Na is widely used in food production in the food industry

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