Feed Grade Probiotics Powder Bacillus Licheniformis10/20/50/100/200/500 Billion Cfu/G

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Packaging: 1kg/bag,25kg/bag

Productivity: 500 MT/Month

Brand: std

Transportation: Ocean,Land

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 500 MT/Month

Certificate: ISO9001:2000

HS Code: 2309901000

Port: Qingdao

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Bacillus Licheniformis (livestock and poultry)

[Main ingredients]: Viable Bacillus licheniformis and its metabolites

[Scope of application]: Applicable to feed addition and livestock and poultry breeding

[Living bacteria content]: 20 billion CFU/g, 100 billion CFU/g, 200 billion CFU/g, 500 billion CFU/g

Product characteristics: Mild fermented taste, light gray white powder


usage and dosage

After gradual dilution, it is directly added to livestock and poultry feed. Taking 100 billion CFU/g product as an example, 30-50g is added to each ton of full price formula feed

(When used together with Bacillus subtilis, 15-25g of each type is added);

Drinking water:

Taking 100 billion CFU/g product as an example, add 10-20g per ton of drinking water

matters needing attention

1. Store in a dark, ventilated, dry, and pollution-free place, avoiding mixing with toxic and harmful substances:

2. After opening the original packaging, use it as soon as possible, and the remaining parts need to be sealed and stored;

3. When using, avoid inhalation and prevent contact with skin or mucous membranes. If in contact, rinse immediately with water.

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