Application of MVR Technology in Evaporative Crystallization of Sodium Gluconate

MVR(Mechanical Vapor Recompression)

It is a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technology. The technology mainly re-uses the secondary steam energy generated in the evaporator to reduce the demand for external energy. The specific process is to compress the secondary steam generated in the evaporation process through a compressor (the medium is generally water vapor), the temperature and pressure rise, and the enthalpy value increases, which is used to supplement or completely replace the fresh steam as the heat source to realize the continuous cycle of latent heat. use
The fresh steam is only used to supplement the heat loss and the enthalpy of the input and output materials, which greatly reduces the consumption of external fresh steam by the evaporator. Improved thermal efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and avoided the use of external steam and boilers

In the sodium gluconate evaporative crystallization process, the traditional multi-effect evaporator uses the secondary high temperature steam generated after the raw steam is heated to the boiling point to enter the next steamer as a heat source to heat the liquid in the evaporator until it enters In the last effect evaporator, the secondary steam after heating the last effect is still at a high temperature and contains a large amount of calorific value. It needs to be cooled by circulating water, and then the heat is released to the atmosphere through the spray cooling effect of the cooling tower It not only consumes fresh steam, but also consumes a large amount of circulating water and electric power (pump) operation of the cooling tower, resulting in triple waste.
The use of MVR technology for evaporation and crystallization only requires a relatively large amount of raw steam when driving, and only a small amount of raw steam is supplemented during continuous evaporation operation, thereby greatly reducing the raw steam consumption of the evaporator and achieving the purpose of energy saving.
The MVR Sufa device uses a high-efficiency rotten core compressor to maintain stable evaporation. The compressor provides a temperature difference of 20°C. The total energy consumption of the compressor is much lower than that of a traditional multi-effect evaporator, which greatly reduces the processing per ton of water. Energy consumption. The series mode of the forced circulation heat exchanger can reduce the flow of the forced circulation pump by half, reducing energy consumption.
The internal use of low-temperature evaporation and high-efficiency demisters and baffled channel demisters in the MVR system can effectively prevent the phenomenon of foam entrainment, and also greatly reduce the amount of low-boiling organics in the evaporated condensate.
The main operating cost of MVR is the electrical energy to drive the compressor. Since electrical energy is a clean energy source, the MVR evaporator truly achieves “zero” pollution emissions.Sodium Gluconate bag

Post time: Jul-10-2021
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