Anionic Surfactants Sodium alkane sulfonate for liquid deterget

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Used as an rust inhibitor and emulsifier in cutting fluids and rust resistant oils and fats

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Sodium alkane sulfonate , used as an anionic surfactant, can also be used as a detergent, lubricant, and foaming agent.

Also used as textile, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, liquid detergents, and emulsifiers for vinyl chloride polymerization.

This product is used as an anti rust additive and emulsifier, with considerable resistance to salt water immersion and good oil solubility. It has good anti rust performance on black metals and brass, and can be used as a co solvent for various polar substances in oil. Has strong conversion ability to sweat and water, and is used in combination with other anti rust additives. It is commonly used for cleaning and anti rust oil and grease between work processes

It can be combined with other additives to prepare emulsified cutting

Cutting oil, wire cutting working fluid, hydraulic transmission fluid, internal combustion engine coolant and their

It emulsifies oil


Brown red or brown uniform liquid


50% Min

volatile matter

3.0% Max





inorganic salt

0.5 % MAX

mineral oil

50 % MAX

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