calcium hypochlorite 65% for DISINFECTION

Short Description:

Appearance and properties: white powder or granular with strong chlorine odor. The solution is yellow-green translucent liquid.
Melting point (℃): 100 (decomposition)
Relative density (water = 1): 2.35
Relative vapor density (air = 1): 6.9
Molecular formula: Ca(ClO)2
Molecular weight: 142.99
Solubility: soluble in water. [1]
EINECS No. 231-908-7

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Calcium hypochlorite ,commonly known as bleaching essence, chemical formula Ca(ClO)₂, is commonly used in the bleaching process of chemical production. It has an important role in industrial production due to its rapid onset and bleaching effect. However, because it is a strong oxidant, it is extremely harmful to people and must not be used for other purposes outside the industry. It should also pay attention to its own protection when used to avoid corrosion.

Strong oxidants. Contact with water or humid air will cause fire and explosion. Mixing with alkaline substances can cause an explosion. Exposure to organic matter may cause fire. Irritating chlorine will be released when exposed to heat, acid or sunlight

hypochlorite 65% granular

Calcium hypochlorite  Specification:

Value chlorine content

65% Min

Stability Loss

10% Max


3 % Max

             Calcium chloride

9% Max

           Insolubility of water

11% Max

Calcium hypochlorite usuage

It is mainly used for the bleaching of pulp in the paper industry and the bleaching of cotton, hemp and silk fabrics in the textile industry. Also used for urban and rural drinking water, swimming pool water, etc.
Disinfection. The chemical industry is used for the purification of acetylene, the manufacture of chloroform and other organic chemical raw materials. Can be used as wool anti-shrinking agent, deodorant, etc.

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