feed additive Tributyrin 60% powder

Short Description:

The main characteristics of tributyrin in animal husbandry  are as follow:

1. Total gastric transit – 100% gastric transit;

2. Prevention of enteritis – prevention of colonic nutritional diarrhea and proliferative ileitis;

3. Mucosal protection: uniform absorption of foregut, midgut and hindgut can effectively repair intestinal mucosal injury and protect intestinal mucosa;

4. Promote lactation – increase feed intake of sows, promote lactation of sows and improve the quality of breast milk;

5. Fast energy supply provides energy for intestinal mucosa cells and promotes the rapid growth and development of intestinal mucosa;

6. Tidiness – promote weaning piglets feed intake, improve nutrient absorption, significantly improve pig herd uniformity.

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Tributyrin Intestinal mucosa nutritional active fat for feed,is a glyceride formed by esterification of one molecule of glycerol and three molecules of butyrate. Exist in cream, cod liver oil and sweat. The development and maturity of the intestinal mucosa are the key factors that restrict the rapid growth of young animals. Butyric acid glycerides can quickly supplement intestinal mucosal nutrition-butyric acid promotes the development and maturation of intestinal mucosa, repairs intestinal mucosal damage caused by various stresses, thereby improving intestinal health, controlling diarrhea and improving production performance.



Synonyms: glyceryl tributyrate
Molecular Formula: C15H26O6
Molecular Weight: 302.36
Cas No.: 60-01-5

Tributyrin Specification:


60.00% Min





Loss on dry


Tributyrin pakage:

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Tributyrin Recommended dosage (60% powder)         

Animal species and stages                                         Recommended dosage (kg / T formula feed)

 Piglets (just weaned – 2 weeks after weaning)     0.5-2 (nourishing intestines) 3-6 (sterilization)

 Growing pigs (body weight ≤ 30kg)                      0.5—0.75

 Broiler (0-21 days)                                                    0.3—0.8

 layer                                                                              0.5—1.0

 cattle                                                                              2.5-3.5

 sheep                                                                               1.5-3

 rabbit                                                                                2-3

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