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Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate FOR CERAMIC SLURRY FORMING

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Metasilicat de sodi   is a salt of silicic acid, and its molecular formula can be written as Na2SiO3·nH2O. Sodium metasilicate is a low molecular crystal prepared by the thermal reaction of a common bubble base with caustic soda
Synonyms :Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate

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 Metasilicat de sodi   és una sal d'àcid silícic, i la seva fórmula molecular es pot escriure com Na2SiO3 · nH2O. Metasilicat de sodi és un cristall molecular sota preparat per la reacció tèrmica d'una base bombolla comú amb sosa càustica
Sinònims: Sodi metasilicat pentahidratado
CAS Nº: 6834-92-0
Molecular formula:Na2SiO3.5H2O

pes molecular: M = 122,066

Aspecte: pols cristal·lina blanca

Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is strongly alkaline, having strong capacity of cleaning, buffering and softening, counteracting acidic contamination, emulsifying fat and oil, deflocculating to inorganic. It can replace STPP to be used for the manufacture of effective detergents and rust remover for metal, reducing environmental pollution, preventing corrosion for metal (zinc, aluminum, etc.). Therefore, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is widely used for the manufacture of a variety of detergents, used as rust remover for metal, grinding aids for ceramics, deinking agent for paper, dyeing and printing auxiliary for removing oil in textile industry, and also used as the raw material for flameproofing agent, plastic maintenance agent, water retention agent, etc. Used in water reducing agents, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is able to integrate more hydrones to make better moisture absorption effect


Sodi especificació metasilicat pentahidratado




27,8 a 29,2%

Densitat aparent (g / cm 3 )




La matèria insoluble aigua

0,05% Max


100 ppm Max

Mida de partícula (16-30mesh )%


Punt de fusió


It is widely used to prepare various detergents.ceramic slurry formingIn addition, it is also widely used in textile, paper making, oil extraction and other industries

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