what is Sodium metasilicate

Sodium metasilicates are characterized by a SiO 2 /Na 2 O ratio of approximately one.
shijiazhuang standard produces sodium metasilicate anhydrous, -pentahydrate and -
nonahydrate. These grades differ in terms of concentration. 
The advantage with Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous is the high active content
which makes it possible to formulate high concentrated products. Whereas
Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydate and Nonahydrate offers the benefit of a high
dissolution speed.
Properties and advantages
 Sodium metasilicate dissolves easily, even in cold water.
 Our granules are characterized by a high bulk density and a low dust content.
 As a highly alkaline product, sodium metasilicate will easily react with CO 2 . Our production
methods are such that the risk of partial inactivity due to CO 2 contamination is minimal as there
is no contact between our products and the combustion gasses. This way, we can guarantee a
pure sodium metasilicate.

Cement, Concrete and Refractories
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Because of its absolutely inorganic compositon, shijiazhuang standard’s SodiumMetasilicate is especially suited for use in certain fire-resistant applications.
The product is found in applications where components must be protected
against high temperatures. Especially the hydrated sodium metasilicates
have an excellent cooling effect. They are used in manufacturing
refractory and chemically-resistant bricks, mortars, and gunning
mixes. They are also added to the matrix to increase the alkalinity which promotes a faster dissolution
of other silicate powders present in the formulation.
Sodium metasilicates can be added into dry cement admixtures to accelerate the set. shijiazhuang standard’s Sodium
Metasilicates are especially used in oil well cements to prevent segregation of the solids from the
high water containing cement matrix.

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In the ceramic industry, a part of the water in clay slurries can be replaced by sodiummetasilicate to improve the liquid characteristics which results in energy saving at
the drying stage. Sodium metasilicate acts as a deflocculant, it adsorbs onto the clay
surface and causes the clay particles to repel one another. Preferred grades are
sodium metasilicate pentahydrate and nonahydrate.

Sodium Metasilicate is an inorganic salt. In cosmetics this ingredient is mainly
used in hair bleaching as peroxide bleach stabilizer.

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Sodium metasilicates are very important ingredients in liquid and powder
detergents for professional and industrial applications. They contain an
optimum portion of alkali and soluble silica.
Their high active alkalinity provides an efficïent cleaning and makes
shijiazhuang standard’s Sodium Metasilicate an economical choice. The soluble silica
content protects metal, glass and ceramic surfaces against corrosion and
disperses the soil in solution and prevents it form redepositing.

The large buffering capacity, their stabilizing effect of the bleach proces, the protective properties
against corrosion, their hardness-binding capacity, their ability to keep removed dirt in suspension
makes sodium metasilicates a multifunctional and indispensible ingredient in your detergent
Sodium Metasilicate is especially suitable for hard surface cleaning and in professional and industrial
dishwashing detergents.
shijiazhuang standard2The construction of tunnels can be a hazardous operation. Direct injection of
soluble silicates in combination with a hardener, gives consolidation of the ground
and water-impermeabitlity by in-situ formation of a siliceous gel, which
strengthens and seals the soil.
Sodium metasilicates are used in dry mixtures composed of inorganic compounds
which hardens in reaction with water.
Miningshijiazhuang standard1Flotation is a widely used process for extracting many minerals from
their ores. shijiazhuang standard’s sodium metasilicate is used as dispersant to keep
undesired materials in suspension while the value minerals are carried
to the surface by air bubbles.

Newsprint deinking

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Sodium metasilicate plays a multifunctional and vital role in the
deinking of paper. Its alkaline buffering and saponification properties
helps in the dispersion of the ink particles and improves flotation. In
addition it stabilises the hydrogen peroxide used to bleach the pulp.


Oil and drillingshijiazhuang standardSodium metasilicates are used in silic

ate-based drilling fluids, whichare an effective, versatile and low cost alternative to oil-based drilling
fluids. Besides sodium metasilicates are wholly inorganic and therefore
not flammable and once diluted they have no environmental impact.
Granulated metasilicates offers an advantage towards liquid silicates
when conditions request, such as limited storage capacity or danger
towards freezing temperatures. shijiazhuang standard’s sodium metasilicates are
very performant in normal and heavyweight slurries for reducing the mobility of water. They are
widely used as a cost effective extender, allowing a higher ratio of water to cement. They can also be
used as a cement accelator.

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