the different from Dry powder fire extinguishing agent to Foam extinguisher

1. The extinguishing substances are different

Dry powder fire extinguishing agent: suitable for extinguishing oil, paint and organic solvent fires. It can inhibit the chain reaction of combustion and fire extinguishing. It is also suitable for extinguishing liquid, gas and electrical fires (with insulating dry powder above 50000 volts).

Foam extinguishing agent: the foam can cover the surface of the combustion and prevent air from entering. The fire extinguishing effect is the best for water-soluble flammable and combustible liquid fires (such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone and other substances) and electrical fires.

2.The materials of fire extinguishing agents are different

Dry powder fire extinguishing agent: ammonium phosphate and other dry powder fire extinguishing agents.

Foam extinguisher: a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and foam agent, and a glass bottle containing aluminum sulfate solution.

3.Different principles

Dry powder fire extinguishing agent: the dry powder fire extinguisher is filled with ammonium phosphate dry fire extinguishing agent. Dry fire extinguishing agent is a dry and easy flowing fine powder used for fire extinguishing. It is composed of inorganic salt and a small amount of additives. It has fire extinguishing effect. It is dried, crushed and mixed into fine solid powder.

Foam extinguishing agents: when using foam extinguishers to extinguish fire, they can produce large quantities of foam. They can be adhered to combustible materials, so that the combustible matter is separated from the air, and at the same time, the temperature is reduced, the combustion conditions are destroyed, and the purpose of extinguishing the fire is achieved.

Post time: Nov-17-2021
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