residual chlorine in the swimming pool

Pool management generally puts chlorine-containing disinfectant (TCCA,SDIC)in the pool water to prevent bacterial growth, and the amount of chlorine that is not consumed in the pool water is what we call residual chlorine. Residual chlorine is an important indicator for maintaining the quality of swimming pools. Different countries have different standards for residual chlorine in swimming pools. The standard chlorine content of swimming pool water in China is 0.3~0.5mg/L.

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If the residual chlorine is too high, the swimmer’s hair will turn yellow and become brittle, and the strong irritating odor will make the swimmer feel uncomfortable and even irritate the swimmer’s skin mucosa, especially the face, eyes and even the trachea and lungs. This indoor swimming pool should be given enough attention. It is necessary to control the amount of chlorine added and strengthen ventilation to avoid the occurrence of mass health hazard events. However, if the residual chlorine is too low, the disinfection effect will not be achieved, and the swimmers will also constitute the health and safety of the spread of the disease. Threat, therefore, we should control the range of residual chlorine as much as possible, which requires our swimming pool water quality administrator to self-check the residual chlorine index in the swimming pool!

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Post time: Jun-19-2019
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