How to use chlorine-containing disinfectant tablets (for swimming pools)

Chlorinated disinfectants are often used in swimming pool water disinfection, such as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, and the like. The correct use of the method directly affects the disinfection effect of the pool water. There are tablets and powders for chlorine-containing disinfectants. Let us first talk about the use of tablets.

swimming pool
chlorine-containing disinfectant tablets are instant tablets ,Its chlorine content is more than 50%. Put 2~4 grams (2-4kg/1000m3) of disinfection tablets per cubic meter, which can effectively maintain good water quality. It is best to put the disinfection tablets 0.5-1h before swimming pool opens. Before the addition, the residual chlorine should be detected first. It is worth mentioning that the water quality of each swimming pool is different. Therefore, after adding the same number of disinfection tablets, the measured residual chlorine concentration of different swimming pools is also different, the water quality is good, the remaining chlorine is high, and the water quality is poor. The rest of the chlorine is low. Therefore, when adding at night, it should be carried out at least 2kg/1000m3; if the water quality has been green or white, it will be added.

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Post time: May-06-2019
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