What disinfection methods are there in swimming pools?

In summer, playing in the pool is a very common way to avoid summer. However, the swimming pool is a public place, and the area exposed by people in the swimming pool is the largest, it is easy to be called a hotbed for the spread of bacteria, so to do a good job in the prevention and disinfection of swimming pool disease can not be neglected. Now, what are the ways to disinfect the swimming pool? Let’s have a look.


1. Traditional chlorine disinfection

Traditional chlorine disinfection is one of the most widely used disinfection methods, which has the characteristics of continuous disinfection. It reacts with water to produce hypochlorite by putting chlorine disinfectants into the water. Hypochlorite passes through the bacterial surface and enters the bacterial enzyme system to destroy the bacteria, leading to bacterial death.

2. Ozone disinfection

Ozone is a very oxidizing substance, which can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in a relatively short time and make it lose its viability. Ozone is different from general fungicides, superfluous ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen, and oxygen is beneficial to the environment harmless will not cause secondary pollution, can be said to be the best disinfection method, but pay attention to ozone if the content of excessive will cause poisoning

3. Hydrogen peroxide disinfection

Hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide, is a broad-spectrum, efficient, quick-acting, non-toxic disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide can not be long-lasting antibacterial. If you want to have long-lasting antibacterial effect, you must use it anytime and repeatedly.

4. Ultraviolet disinfection

Water disinfection mainly uses C-band ultraviolet radiation, which will make the DNA of bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogenic bacteria inactivated. When bacteria and viruses are irradiated by ultraviolet light, the ultraviolet spectrum energy is absorbed by bacteria nucleus, which destroys the structure of nucleic acid, and all kinds of bacteria and viruses lose the ability of replication and reproduction, so as to achieve sterilization effect. But ultraviolet disinfection is only instantaneous disinfection without continuous disinfection capacity, so use cyanuric acid chlorine stabilizers to maintain continuous disinfection.

Now chlorine disinfection is still the main method of swimming pool disinfection, but with the improvement of water quality standards, the other three disinfection methods will have broad space for development.

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Post time: Jul-10-2019
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