A probiotic Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus Subtilis is usually found in pasteurized milk products and shows promising potential to help alleviate constipation and H. pylori infections.

Some people also claimed that it boosts the immune system and supports dental health and liver function. It also promotes gut health, prevents diarrhea, and reduces the severity of IBS and IBD.

usage and dosage

Feed addition:

After gradual dilution, it is directly added to livestock and poultry feed. Taking 100 billion CFU/g of product as an example, 30-50g is added to each ton of full price formula feed.

(When used together with Bacillus licheniformis, 15-25 g of each type is added);

Drinking water:

Take 100 billion CFU/g product as an example, adding 10-20 g per ton of drinking water.

matters needing attention

Post time: Apr-06-2023
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